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Welcome to Your Self-Care Sanctuary

I will help you to slow down and find refuge in your mind, body, and spirit practice so that you can feel whole. That is——harnessing energy when you need it, cultivating the ability to down-regulate on demand, and building resilience——wherever you go. But that may not seem easy on your own, that’s where Peaceful Wellness comes in.

Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor
Certified Yoga Teacher | Yoga Therapist IT
Certified Aromatherapist | Sound & Energy Healer
Stress & Relaxation Specialist
Mind-Body-Spirit Life & Wellness Coach

Deb Phelps, C.MI, MMT, RYT-500, LVCYT has extensive experience in mind, body & spirit modalities. Through her demonstration, she inspires others to find a calmer way in a seeming chaotic world.

Virtual Studio Now Open

As most business owners, I, too, was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and had to temporarily close. My business was formerly known as Meditate Madison. During this time of the pandemic, I wanted to be able to serve not only my clientele here in Madison but all of those who follow me online through Facebook and Instagram (Meditate with Deb).

Because I have taken this time to complete training programs that will be assistance to those I serve, and including the modalities I was already offering, I felt the name change to Peaceful Wellness was now appropriate.

And since too, it will be some time before I could even consider hosting group sessions in my office space, I was guided to create this Virtual Studio so anyone could take part in meditations, classes and other mind-body-spirit modalities as well as explore private sessions. I look forward to joining with you in this virtual way. There are four membership levels which will give you access to audio guided meditations, video classes, courses and monthly or weekly private sessions with me at a discount.

By your membership you are helping me to maintain my office space with the income to pay rent, insurance, and other expenses
so when the time comes that I can reopen for group and individual sessions I can do so.
Thank you! I have a heart full of gratitude for your support!

Taking time out each day
to relax and renew is essential to living well.

— Judith Hanson Lasater

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Here at Peaceful Wellness (formerly Meditate Madison), I offer the balance that every person is striving for as they walk the path of life—on one hand, PEACE with Relaxation and Healing Modalities, and on the other, PURPOSE with Mind-Body-Spirit Coaching and Empowerment tools.

In my Relaxation Services, I provide you with tools to initiate the self-healing process. These tools of relaxation, movement, meditation and mindfulness, energy work and healing, and aromatherapy will help you to achieve a calmer and more peaceful life.

In my Mind-Body-Spirit Life Coaching & Empowerment services, I help you to tap into your Higher Consciousness for inner guidance, make those challenging decisions, release blocks in relationships and release negative thinking.

Regardless, I hope you will consider Peaceful Wellness your safe space. I invite you to take a breath, rest, and release your stress, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia or other challenges in a comfortable, intimate setting.