Meditate Madison | Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit with Yoga, Meditation, and Wellness Practices


We believe “Meditation for Everyone” and “Yoga for All and Every Body” thus our mission is to provide a serene, safe, and welcoming space where students can explore various methods of meditation, mindfulness, yoga, spirituality, and wellness to develop their own personal practice. We are here to assist students on their journey to inner peace step by step. Through the transformation that meditation and yoga, and other modalities bestow, students can create a calm and peaceful mind, an open and compassionate heart, and a feeling of self-acceptance in their lives. Thus, healing the mind, body, and spirit.


In meditation, healing can happen. When the mind is calm, alert and totally contented, then it is like a laser beam – it is very powerful and healing can happen. At Meditate Madison, we offer varied methods of meditation and mindfulness. We also offer Sound Healing through the performance of the singing bowls. Walking meditations and inspiring films help us to strengthen the journey.


Yoga is the practice of creating unity between mind and body. When there’s a disconnect between mind and body, our lives move out of balance, causing stress, fatigue and ultimately, illness. When you unify your mind and body through yoga, the reverse occurs. At our studio, we offer yoga classes to help every body, no matter the size or shape allowing you to tune in to what you need.


Healing our spirit comes when we embrace our connection to our Higher Power. In the desire of the love, the light, and the truth, we can transform through various practices that raise our vibration and bless our being. We can finally experience feelings of peace, security, and wellbeing. At our studio, we embrace spiritual healing and self-improvement through various methods.



How to Find Us

Meditate Madison is located at 621 N. Sherman Ave, Suite B11 on the Northside of Madison.

We are located in the Cambridge Place building that contains offices on the Lower Level (where we are) and apartments on the upper levels. Enter the door from the parking lot on the left of the building and head downstairs to the office floor. The building is to the left of the Lakewood Plaza where Manna Cafe and Bear & Bottle are located.  The outdoor signs for the offices are a little hard to see at night.