• found it hard to ‘get the holiday spirit’ because you try to do too much and try too hard to make everyone happy and this add so many demands to your plate that you become stressed out?
  • believed that this holiday, everything will be perfect, everyone will be happy and nothing will go wrong?
  • wanted to reduce your mental, physical, and emotional stress and learn to enjoy your holidays with greater freedom and finesse?

Holidays provide an opportunity for celebration, gift-giving, reflection, tradition, relationship and spiritual renewal, and relaxation. The key to success in avoiding ‘Holiday Blues’ or ‘Holiday Stress’ is to recognize those activities that energize, motivate, and please us, and to delete or change those activities that irritate, disappoint, and anger us.

Join us for this workshop on de-stressifying yourself for the holidays. Enjoy yoga (chair yoga available), meditation, aromatherapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and other practices, including you will learn how to be more realistic about your holiday experience.

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  • Saturday, December 1st
  • Fee: $35

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