Uncovering Unconditional Love, Episode 4

Uncovering Unconditional Love ? Episode 4 The Casual Episode with Diana Roiniotis Mentioned; https://miraclesone.org/ https://meditatemadison.miraclesonelightuniversity.org/ https://www.accessconsciousness.com/

Adaptive Chair Yoga: 5 Reasons It’s for EVERYONE!

I came across this wonderful article on Chair Yoga called “Adaptive Chair Yoga: 5 Reasons It’s for EVERYONE!” You probably are wondering, “What the heck is that?! How do you do yoga with a chair?” It really is a style of yoga. It is meant to make yoga accessible to...

This Week in Steps to Inner Peace

Have you signed up for Deb’s Steps to Inner Peace program yet? This month’s theme is Self-Compassion. This week in the program, Deb will be offering to members these online resources: Self-Compassion Affirmation Worksheet for Self-Compassion Guided Meditation Talk #1 on Self-Compassion Mindful Yoga Sequence (This week Chair Yoga...

NEW! Steps to Inner Peace

STARTS SEPTEMBER 2018 WITH SELF-COMPASSION AS OUR THEME! Steps to Inner Peace – $15.95 Monthly Subscription When you subscribe to my “Steps to Inner Peace” monthly program, every month, you’ll get a new assortment of online resources based on enlightening themes like Self-Compassion, Mindfulness, Forgiveness, Opening Your Heart, Self-Care, Dealing with Emotions, Accepting Miracles, Bringing More Lightness into Your Life, and more:  A monthly theme...

Meditate Madison Studio

Meditate Madison is a studio specializing in healing the mind, body and spirit through yoga, meditation and wellness practices. Our intimate setting provides personal attention to our clients.