10. Feeling the Love of God Meditation

In this episode, this meditation is based on Lesson 189 in A Course in Miracles. The flow of this meditation is to be in a “feeling” mode. Feeling that God loves you and to the ultimate extent that He does. Website –

9. I AM Meditation

In this episode, this I AM Meditation helps you to release the commentary and sensations and witness to Who you are eternally. Website –

8. Meditation of the 1000 Petal Lotus

In this episode, this 1000 Petal Lotus Meditation is more of a contemplation and can be an active mental activity. It is unique, yet an insightful practice. Let the words and images be as they may. Website –

7. The Meditation of Mindfulness

In this episode, we learn to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness helps us to become present to what is. You need not try to force or fix anything that arises. Observe and let your mind be soft. Do not judge the thoughts or feelings that arise. Simply be aware. Website –...

6. The Meditation of the Bubble

In this episode, we use concept and structure to help with discipline in our meditation practice. The purpose of the concept of bubbles rising through the water is to help you to do two things: Timing. You learn to contemplate each thought or perception for approximately a definite time...

5. Ocean Waves Meditation

In this episode, we find that nature can provide us some of the best meditations. In this case, gentle ocean waves on the shore. Website –

4. Directing My Attention Meditation

In this episode, Directing My Attention, a mindfulness meditation, you focus your attention on your breathing in and out. Meditation Stepping Stones Website –

3. Stairway to Peace Meditation

In this episode, Stairway to Peace, you envision a stairway that leads to relaxation and peace. Meditation Stepping Stones Website –

Meditation Pebbles Podcast

Listen to our Podcast! “Meditation Pebbles – 5 Minutes to Inner Peace” Download via:   Or, Meditation Pebbles Individual Episodes  

2. 1-2-3-4-5 Minute Meditation

In this episode, 1-2-3-4-5 Minute Meditation. You are guided for each minute through your meditation. Meditation Stepping Stones Website –

1. Introduction and Meditation of Breath Counting

Welcome to our podcast and our first episode. of this series. Each episode will contain a five-minute practice for you to do. Look at this as a start for a meditation practice but know it is only the beginning to what you can achieve with a sustained meditation practice....