Mindfulness and Meditation

There is a lot of speculation as to the difference between Mindfulness and Meditation. Let’s discuss the differences before we begin our discussion surrounding Mindfulness. Both Mindfulness and Meditation allow you to accomplish three goals: Inner Peace and Calm Self-Awareness Compassion for Self and Others Contrary to popular belief of late, both Mindfulness and Meditation […] Read More

Slow Mindful Yoga is Important to Your Health

Slow, mindful yoga is as important to your health as cardiovascular exercise. Emerging research suggests several important benefits of slow, mindful movement practices. Scientists are starting to understand the benefits slow movement has on important systems involved in the regulation of energy including: Metabolism The Immune System The Pain Response System Body Temperature Regulation Hormones If you have low energy or […] Read More

Election Meditation

We will be holding an Election Meditation on Sunday, November 4th at Meditate Madison Studio at 9:30 am. Alternatively, we will be holding an online meditation (video or phone conferencing) at 12 pm Central Time on Monday, November 5th. Conferencing Information: Use the link below if you wish to use your camera on your computer, […] Read More