Attitudinal Healing Workshop Series: The Essence of Our Being is Love

  • Canceled due to low response – Perhaps in the Fall we’ll offer it again.
  • Saturday, May 18th, 10-12 pm
  • Be sure to register in advance
  • First in a series of workshops, attend one or all. You don’t have to attend all.

What is Attitudinal Healing? 

Attitudinal Healing is based on the belief that it is not people or external situations that cause us to be upset. Rather, what causes us conflict and distress are our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes about people and events. During this workshop, participants will be introduced to the twelve principles of Attitudinal Healing and begin to learn the transformational skill of replacing their fearful thoughts with a decision to teach only love. This month we will focus on the principle that our essential nature is love.

THIS MONTH  – An Overview of Attitudinal Healing and The Essence of Our Being is Love

  • The essence of love is our true nature.
  • Our essential nature gets buried under layers of fear, pain, grief, anger, etc., and we are blocked from experiencing it
  • Attitudinal Healing is a process to help us remember and stay in touch with this essence 

The essence of our being is love. Love cannot be hindered by what is merely physical. Therefore, we believe the mind has no limits; nothing is impossible; and all disease is potentially reversible. Love is eternal.

During this workshop, we will incorporate meditation and exercises.

The Twelve Principles of Attitudinal Healing 

  1. The essence of our being is love.Love cannot be hindered by what is merely physical. Therefore, we believe the mind has no limits; nothing is impossible; and all disease is potentially reversible. And because love is eternal, death need not be viewed fearfully. 
  2. Health is inner peace.Healing is letting go of fear. To make changing the body our goal is to fail to recognize that our single goal is peace of mind. 
  3. Giving and receiving are the same.When our attention is on giving and joining with others, fear is removed, and we accept healing for ourselves. 
  4. We can let go of the past and the future.We experience inner peace when we let go of our attachments to the painful past and the fearful future and learn to live in the present. 
  5. Now is the only time there is.Pain, grief, depression, guilt, and other forms of fear disappear when the mind is focused in loving peace on this instant. 
  6. We learn to love ourselves and others by forgiving rather than judging.Forgiveness is the way to true health and happiness. When we choose to see everyone as a teacher of forgiveness, each moment gives us an opportunity for happiness, peace, and love. 
  7. We can become love-finders rather than faultfinders.Regardless of what another person’s behavior might be, we can always choose to see only the light of love in that person. 
  8. We can be peaceful inside regardless of what is happening outside.Despite the chaos in our lives, we can choose to be peaceful, knowing that we are connected and sustained by our loving, peaceful Source. 
  9. We are students and teachers to each other.Peace comes to us when we recognize and demonstrate that all our relationships are equal. 
  10. We can focus on the whole of our lives rather than on the fragments. It is an illusion to believe that our lives are separate from each other. Healing is focusing on our interconnectedness with each other and all living things. 
  11. Because love is eternal, death need not be viewed as fearful.We begin to let go of our fear of death when we truly believe that what is real never changes and that Love is always present. 
  12. We can always see ourselves and others as extending love or giving a call for help.Rather than seeing anger and attack, it is always possible for us to recognize a call for help and to answer with love. 

May 18 @ 10:00
10:00 am — 12:00 pm (2h)

Meditate Madison Studio – 621 N. Sherman Ave, Suite B11

Deb Phelps

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