Inner Guidance Circle

  • 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 6:30 – 7:45 pm
  • Drop in as your schedule permits
  • Fee per session $15
  • with Paul & Deb Phelps

The Inner Guidance Circle is a safe space to support you in…

  1. Meeting, connecting and receiving messages with your personal inner guide. (Could be spiritual figures, angels, loved ones who have passed on, or any being.)
  2. Making every decision with confidence, certainty and inner peace.
  3. Moving through challenging emotions and healing old patterns and so you never feel stuck again.
  4. Opening to your soul’s calling and incredible opportunities that are aligned with your highest path.

Between my husband Paul and myself, we have a collective experience total of 50 years working with our inner guides. We’ll be sharing in the facilitation of this circle.
Joining in a circle with others can assist you in discovering your Higher Awareness, connecting intuitively to receive guidance, and becoming more creative and inspired as we practice and share together.

Fee: $15

Interested in attending Long Distance? Email us!

October 15 @ 18:30
6:30 pm — 7:45 pm (1h 15′)

Meditate Madison Studio – 621 N. Sherman Ave

Deb Phelps, Paul Phelps

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Meditate Madison is a small, intimate studio on the Northside of Madison. All mind, body and spirit practitioners are welcome to join us. We are a body-positive space so our yoga classes are open to all bodies and all abilities.