Meeting Your Personal Guide | January Workshop

January Workshop
“Meeting Your Personal Guide”
with Paul Phelps and Thomas Brockert
Saturday, January 5th, 2019
Meditate Madison Studio

Workshop Fee: $25

At our October 2018 retreat, Paul’s Inner Guide sessions were popular and well-loved. In 2019 on a periodic basis, Paul and Thomas will be offering a workshop series that will help you to meet, communicate, connect and create with your personal inner guide. You may call in Spirit, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Mary or Jesus, or you may have other guides that can assist you. Through these workshops, you will strengthen your connection.

Sometimes we have decisions to make and questions to ask, such as:

How might I improve my connection with Inner Guidance?
How can I achieve more inner peace?
What is my life purpose right now?
What are my lessons right now?
How can I create more abundance in my life?
What am I learning in my relationship with ______________?
How can I best express my creativity?

These workshops will help you to connect more deeply with your guide and receive the answers that you are seeking as well as commune with other participants of like-mind.
If you are interested in this idea of your personal inner guide, you can read more in the following book:

January 5 @ 10:30
10:30 am — 12:30 pm (2h)

Paul Phelps, Thomas Brockert

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