Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Workshop

  • Tuesday, April 9th at 6-7:30 pm
  • With Sarah Kangas, RYT
  • Fee: $25 for Workshop

If you missed Sarah’s 4-week series, she is presenting a condensed workshop.

This workshop will assist you in reducing stress and anxiety. By transferring focus and attention to the body and breath, yoga can help to temper anxiety while also releasing physical tension. You will learn poses to release the common areas were tension can be activated and coupled with pranayama or breath control, which will help you center yourself whenever anxiety strikes.

Areas of focus in this class: Psoas and hips, hamstrings, shoulders, inversions such as downward facing dog which can be done in a chair, on a wall or on the mat.

Psoas and hips (hamstring leg raise): American’s sit now more than ever. It’s really no wonder that most of us have tight hamstrings! Not only are our hamstrings tight, but the muscle that connects our spine to our legs, the poses, is a powerhouse of tension and tightness! This intricate muscle can harbor stress and anxiety too. We’ll explore the dynamics of the poses, activate the muscle, begin to strengthen the psoas, and spend time releasing tension in this amazing muscle.

Shoulders: How many times have you said to yourself, “I carry all my tension in my neck and shoulders?” This class will focus on strengthening the ‘pull’ muscles to help align our posture back to a happy, neutral position.

Pranayama: Breathwork can be an integral part of maintaining stress and anxiety. It is often the first sign of tension in mind and body. This class will focus on how the breath is interconnected to everything we do. We will also go over a couple different breathing techniques to cool down the central nervous system and help recognize when our bodies are heading towards moments of high anxiety.

Inversions: Although they may be scary to some, inversions are one of the best ways to simply see things differently! We’ll go over the most basic of inversions, Downward Facing Dog and a Wide Leg Forward Fold. Letting our spines find length and space can help alleviate the physical symptoms of stress in the body while letting the head hang below the hips can stimulate a fresh perspective on life.

We are a body-positive, yoga-for-all space. Our classes are open to all bodies, all abilities, all levels are welcome. Variations of poses will be provided using props such as blocks, straps, chairs, walls, and bolsters.

April 9 @ 18:00
6:00 pm — 7:30 pm (1h 30′)

Meditate Madison Studio – 621 N. Sherman Ave

Sarah Kangas

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Meditate Madison is a small, intimate studio on the Northside of Madison. All mind, body and spirit practitioners are welcome to join us. We are a body-positive space so our yoga classes are open to all bodies and all abilities.