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Dineen Carta who heralds from upstate NY is a Spiritual Life Coach, Artist, Poet, Singer, and an Intuitive & Empathic Energy Healer. She believes in the power of accessing our innate wisdom to speak our truth, embody our purpose and sing our unduplicated soul song wherever we find ourselves – whether in relationships, career, art or the living of life itself.

Events with Dineen at Meditate Madison

Dineen’s website: www.unveilyourvoicelifecoaching.com


Dineen was my first life coach after spending years, if not a decade, in various psychologist’s and psychiatrist’s chairs. At first I saw her for spiritual coaching on the side of my $300/hr psychiatrist, who was treating my panic/anxiety disorder, but within a couple sessions, I’d made more progress with Dineen’s combination of parts work, guided meditation, and journaling prompts than I was with the doctor so I switched over completely to Dineen. I can proudly say I’m the one controlling my anxiety now, and not my anxiety controlling me, now. I know exactly what to do when I feel it creeping up, and it’s at a totally manageable level now if and when it shows up (because I’m no longer afraid of it). Together, we also figured out the root issue of my binge eating, got me in touch with all the “parts” of me so I could express their needs functionally (not disfunctionally), and practiced recognizing in the moment when I’m resorting to old habits/old programming to relieve uncomfortable feelings or a loss of control.

Dineen is knowledgable, patient, tender, and always seems to know what I need to hear and sometimes what I’m thinking, haha! I recommend her 100% to anyone ready to turn their life around, address limited beliefs and unresolved issues, and/or needs a trusted partner to support them through a difficult time. The connection to myself I gained within the first session was life changing in and of itself! —Kimberly S.

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