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  • What I Learned to De-Stress & Relax Myself and You Can Too
    I remember the nights of little sleep as I awoke with a pounding heart, the hyper-sensitivity of being on guard to ensure self-protection, the stress and anxiety of dealing with family, work, kids and life in general, the negative self-talk that resounded in my head, the depression and low energy, and the feeling of never feeling fulfilled in life. Does this sound like you? As I look at my life, one of the key aspects I have learned was the ability to relax. Having experienced stress, anxiety and trauma, ever since I was a child, it seemed to be a relentless struggle to maintain “normality.” Meditation was the first step on the voyage when I was 16 years of age as I tried to cope with childhood abuse and family stress. It worked for awhile, until I became an adult. Other factors arrived. Because I had meditation in my life, it didn’t mean the rest of my life had been one of ease, because it wasn’t. I had additional stresses and tragedies along the way, be it [Read more…]


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