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  • Recognize When You Slip Out of Balance
    Rest assured, this happens to me on occasion too and it did so recently. Although I do tend to notice it pretty quickly so I can set my life aright again. But it’s easy to slip out of balance. The current world situation is one way we find our way back to negative and addictive behaviors. Other ways can be a heavy workload, relationship disagreements, or trying to do it all. At this point, we seem to fall away from those very practices that assist us in maintaining equilibrium. We have to remember that balance is not a final goal, it is an ongoing process. Sometimes, we just won’t feel calm and peaceful. What happens when you sense your out of balance? And how can you get back? Follow these tips, and you’ll soon be. Make a commitment – This is the best place to start. Make a commitment to yourself that you will make time and practice listening to your inner process as well as to how you relate to others. Cultivate a way of listening and hearing that is kind and [Read more…]