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  • Embrace Your Heart and Bring Tenderness to the World
    As we embrace our heart and bring tenderness into our life, we can also begin to recognize we have empathy and compassion for others in the world. When we look out upon the world with love, what we see becomes more than what we believed it to be. It is not the world of fear, scarcity and anger, it is now a world of potential, of community, of all beings as One.  Compassion and Empathy practices can assist us in the expansion of our heart. When we can observe and understand that everyone in this world desires the same basic tenets of happiness, safety, security, well-being, peace and a life at ease, we do see our commonalities instead of focusing on the differences that have deeply divided us. We may explore this differently in our lives, but the deepest desires are there.  As we evolve on our spiritual journey, we no longer focus on what divides and seemingly conquers us. Instead we build bridges where walls once stood. We lend a hand where guarded isolation appeared. We smile where [Read more…]