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Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff

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Upcoming Studies for 2019

Our goal for the Mindful Book Group is to embrace mindfulness practices in all areas of our lives. All the books that are chosen for our group are either from teachers of mindfulness or otherwise rooted in mindfulness practices. Certainly, during our sessions, we will be practicing Mindfulness in one form or another.

Based on a suggestion from a regular member of our group, and time spent in meditation, this is what I see unfolding for our book lineup for 2019.

Mindfulness Book Studies for 2019

  • January: “The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution” for 4 weeks. This book gives anyone who has struggled with food a realistic and achievable approach to finding peace with food and eating. While founded on solid science, Lyn Rossy offers a supportive, nurturing, and real-life approach to inviting change while still enjoying the foods you love. This study will not encompass the entire book but we will focus on the BASICS (as Lynn calls them) of Mindful Eating, our plan of action, and looking at thoughts and beliefs
  • February: “The Art of Forgiveness, Loving-Kindness, and Peace” for 4 weeks. This book by Jack Kornfield contains wonderful essays and quotes regarding the topics in the title and is rooted in the practice of Loving-Kindness. On our first week with this book, I will be showing a 56 minute video by Jack Kornfield titled, “The Ancient Heart of Forgiveness.” Loving-Kindness will be our main practice each week.
  • March-May: “Awakening Joy” for 10 weeks. This book by James Baraz. Joy is not for just the lucky few–it’s a choice anyone can make. In this groundbreaking book, James Baraz helps you discover a path to the happiness that’s right in front of you, offering a step-by-step program that will reorient your mind away from dissatisfaction and distraction and toward the contentment and delight that is abundantly available in our everyday lives. Topics: Intention, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Joy in Difficult Times, Integrity, Loving Ourselves, Connection with Others, Compassion, and the Joy of Being
  • Rest of 2019: Your suggestions for future books are always welcome.


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