Peaceful Wellness Private Sessions with Deb

Peaceful Wellness Private Sessions with Deb

Coming Soon! Aromatherapy Consultations!

I am currently finishing up my certification as an Aromatherapist and will be offering consultations very soon. I’ll be sending out an email to the list whenever I am certified and can take clients.

In further explanation of the upcoming Aromatherapy services, I will be specifically creating products for clients to support whatever condition one may have mental, emotion or physical. The uniquely formulated products could be diffuser blends, roll-ons, bath salts, inhalers, body butter or lotions, massage blends, salt or sugar scrubs, room or pillow sprays. These could be for pain relief, insomnia, stress & anxiety, smoking cessation, reduce swelling, reduce inflammation, soothe dry skin and help with PMS or menopausal symptoms. I said in the enewsletter I take your medical history, allergies, likes & dislikes into account and then do my research so I can provide you with the best blend of essential oils that will work for you personally.

The video speaks more to what a certified aromatherapist does vs. a sales representative of an essential oil brand.

For the general public, I may create blends and other off the shelf types of products. I would also like to record short videos of how you can benefit from Essential Oils. More on that maybe next week. This week I create!

Sessions That can be Done Online Currently

Deb Phelps, C.MI, MMT, RYT, LVCYT

I am here to serve you in universal love and peace with authenticity and the utmost care.
I have extensive experience in mind, body & spirit modalities.
Through my demonstration, I hope to inspire others to find a calmer way in a seeming chaotic world.

I offer a Complimentary 30-minute Consultation.
See Contact Form below to inquire about Private Sessions.

I keep my fees affordable so you can focus on the process of relaxation, self-care and personal growth. By working with me, you will be able to increase your well-being and your ability to navigate change. This is an investment in yourself.
You may share your session with family or friends, contact me for any price adjustments.

Sliding Scale Fees are Now in Effect

Information on All Mind-Body-Spirit Private Sessions

Deep Relaxation

Release tension & stress with intentional stillness, relaxed restorative yoga poses, guided meditation, along with other possible modalities: crystal singing bowls, energy healing, heated rice bags, and including aromatherapy oils. All customized just for you. Also see my Rest, Relax & Renew Sessions.

30-60 minutes ….
90 minutes ….

Mindfulness Meditation Instruction

Establishing a consistent meditation practice will assist you in your emotional well-being and state of mind. Meditation Information

60 minutes ….
8 session package ….

Sound Baths & Energy Healing

Relax, restore energy flow, and initiate the self-healing process with the Crystal Singing Bowls or Ataana Method Energy Healing. Healing is hands-off to respect those with PTSD and trauma..

30-60 minutes ….
90 minutes ….

Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Coaching

Customized sessions in Gentle or Chair Yoga, Relaxation Techniques, Emotional Well-Being Topics: Self-Compassion, Inner Wisdom, Forgiveness, Anxiety & Stress, and Balance, Spiritual Direction, Chakra Balancing, Sacred Inner Dialogue, Personalized Meditations, and more.

60 minutes ….


If you are not sure what modality is right for you, my most popular private sessions are my Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness sessions where I incorporate several modalities and techniques to create a unique session each week tailored just for your needs at any given time.
This would include for example, one week of guided meditation, one week with restorative yoga, one week with crystal singing bowls, and/or one week with self-compassion for emotional well-being. It is entirely up to you!
Information on All Mind-Body-Spirit Private Sessions