Rest & Restore Sessions

Deep relaxation from a long day or week is welcomed to de-stress and have peace return. Be comforted with a few supported restorative yoga poses as you simply lie down in a candle lit room, close your eyes and rest as I tend to your relaxation needs. A starting self-massage perhaps or breathwork, aromatherapy in the air and lavender eye pillows, heated rice bags, all help to make you comfortable.

Maybe you will choose the wintergreen muscle pain relief essential oil blend or a relief blend with eucalyptus & peppermint, either to help to soothe the lower back and neck or other areas that need attention. These are joined with soft music and an ending guided meditation. yoga nidra, or the tones of the Crystal Singing Bowls. Sounds divine, right?

I also do private individual or group session with your friends. Contact me.

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Given the recent worldwide Coronavirus outbreak, we can remain calm and focused on resilience and well-being.

During this challenging time, let’s appreciate the need for support and practices such as the mind-body-spirit sessions offered at Meditate Madison.

Even though the risk in the Madison area remains low, you can still take measures to assist yourself in feeling more at ease when you attend sessions at the studio.

The studio has hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes available. While attending events, please practice safe hygiene, including:

  • Frequent hand-washing with soap and water
  • Using your own yoga mats, blankets, and props and bring a towel to place over bolsters
  • Practicing proper sneeze and cough etiquette

If you are become ill and need to cancel and have paid in advance, I will happily offer you a credit or refund.

If you prefer to work with me in private sessions, I can accommodate you.

Let us together remember our strength and interconnectedness. We can hold in our hearts those directly affected by COVID-19. May our mind-body-spirit personal practices support and nourish us regardless of changing circumstances.

If there is any way I can help you with stress and anxiety in relation to the outbreak, I’m here to help you, just ask.

In Peace,